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It is an independent civil society organization working on the relief of the needy and the displaced in the field of development and relief, licensed in Turkey under the name of Ulfah for Humanitarian Relief with the number (34-227 / 110) in the month of Muharram 1438 AH in the month of October 2016.

What we believe in Ulfah

  • Taking care of all segments of society, regardless of their regions or affiliations.
  • Honesty, accuracy and clarity in work.
  • Good dealing with people and being kind to them.

Achieving leadership in relief and development work so that we can promote the values that contribute to building an adult society free from violence and extremism.

Integration in building a person financially and intellectually by developing his capabilities and providing him with assistance.

<li>Reducing poverty by providing the basic needs of the population.</li>
<li>Reducing ignorance and illiteracy by providing a safe learning environment.</li>
<li>Developing the capabilities of needy families by supporting productive projects that enable them to rely on themselves and secure a decent living for them.</li>
<li>Building an effective human being is possible in his community through training, development and capacity building.</li>
<li>Taking care of children … physically, psychologically and educational.</li>
<li>Providing psychological support to community members, especially children and women, to overcome the psychological effects of war.</li>
<li>Building a society that is aware of its duties and rights.</li>

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