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Ramadan 2022 - 1443

Required amount: 10000€

تم جمعه : 70361$

متبقي : -60361$

Started on: 20-03-2022

The month of the good deeds

The month of the good deeds comes this year with great goodness to Muslims. Muslims around the world awaits for it patiently. As it brings renewal of souls, blessings in money and gifts.

However, in some areas, Ramadan comes differently. Those who are displaced are fasting from before this month. With no food or drinking water. Millions of displaced and people are in need and coming into this month hungry.
According to recent statistics, 90% are below poverty line.
In north of Syria, more than 1.5 million live in camps.
With increased poverty and the worsening hunger around the world, it becomes really difficult to provide those families with Ramadan meals.

Ramadan 2022 – Make it different

In response to the humanitarian needs in Syria and Nigeria, Ulfah organisation launches its campaign “Your gift is life” to make Ramadan different.
To help those people in need and support them..
During recent yearss and through your donations, Ulfah was able to provide Iftar meals to more than 500000 people.

Giving is blessings for you and help for them.

Giving in Ramadan is great. The Prophet promised those who give away more

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Wealth does not diminish by giving Sadaqah (charity)”

  • $40 provide food basket to help a family
  • $25 provides suhoor meal for a family in Syria
  • $5 provides Iftar meal to one fasting person
ULFAH Ramadan 2022 25
ULFAH Ramadan 2022 25
ULFAH Ramadan 2022 25
ULFAH Ramadan 2022 25
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